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We’re Industries focused;

Banking & Payment solution.

We’re focused on major industries as far as Mobile Payment & Fintech is concerned across the vast East Africa region. We’re facilitating Customer to Business (C2B), Business to Customer (B2C) Customer to Customer(C2C) & Customer to Government (C2G) type of payment with our Fintech & Payment Core platform that provides real time transaction & gross  settlements.

Technology is being faced out every day and decision making process has to be fast and efficient. Data processing has to be fast and available on demand across regions where your business operates.

We’ve made running your business painless with our technology, whether you have multiple branches in the same region or across the world you no longer need to use different systems for specific regions or countries.

We provide one core solution that adopts your mode of operations and let you run it on a central location. Whether you’re in  Government, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail or Health We make recieving payment hustle free.

Banking Redefined!

Resilient Core TechFin Platform.

Peer to Peer (P2P) lending, Credit scoring, ease of payment & advanced banking core with business Intelligence is the solution needed for the lending industry. We’re moving the regions banks and MFI’s away from old and unconventional way of banking where the customers are to visit their respective branches to get service. Our platform provides  branch less banking technology. Customers can transact, repay loans, and check balance at the comfort of their office or home. Using USSD or Self Service app on their devices.

Business Intelligence suit
Advanced reporting & Analytics
Internet & Mobile Banking
Interconnected economy

BlockChain – Big Data – Consulting.

Our goal is to integrate east Africa countries’ economy, through Mobile Payment & Banking. An integrated and connected economy means ease movement of goods and services in the region. Running on our interoperable single platforms technology. We envision a region that will be paperless, automated communication, single platform use by the entire region.

The future organizations and governments will have single technology for decision making and provision of service. Resilient is bringing the future technology to help companies of today work smarter through blockchain technology.

Healthcare, Banking and Government faces multiple challenges, ranging from new disease outbreaks to maintaining an optimal operational efficiency and customer credit data.Our big data tool can help in solving these day to day challenges. With the vast amount of data in the respective sector like financial, clinical, R&D, administration and operational data, big data can derive meaningful insights to improve the operational efficiency of the industry.

Resilient open policy allow us to consult on behalf of our customers, the technology needed to be implemented in house. We pride ourselves on our experience and technical know-how used to help various organizations in the region. Resilient Business Systems will provide the technology and skills that will enable your organization to achieve the disruption needed in your industry.

Deploy on one Location, Access anywhere.

Resilient Cloud

ResilientCloud is cloud platform that is built with Africa users in mind, it can accommodate organization with a small or without IT budget and bigger enterprise with a bigger IT budget.
Deploy your solution on our cloud and your employees can access it anywhere around the continent.

Our various Platforms solution are running on our cloud. Depending on your needs we can host it on our cloud platform or get a commercial version for organization with Private cloud.

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Interoperability Payment

Resilient Pay(Rpay) Platform.

A unified cashless payment technology that is connecting the entire economy through a mobile wallet or USSD. Payment of services or purchase of goods through your mobile phone anywhere across east Africa. Really time reconciliation  and settlement of user account or the merchants account. Our technology can be used as a Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) or Mobile App wallet.

  • USSD or Mobile Wallet App
    available on all devices
    Our payment app can be used on a normal phone without internet connectivity or advanced smart phone with internet connectivity through the app.
  • Merchant Payment Ready
    Point of sale integrated
    The platform allows integration with major credit card point of sale integration. Whether the client chooses to make payment through their visa or master card. Marchant will still have the control.
  • Payment Card
    connect with varous payment cards
    Service provides like Banks, Healthcare & Government can issue payment card to customers that will enable them to have various payment payment method i.e. Payment card, USSD and Mobile wallet app.