Resilient is a TechFin & Mobile Payment
based technology service provider.

TechFin & Fintech
Credit scoring, ease of payment and advanced banking core with business Intelligence is the solution needed to run the lending industry.
Mobile Payment
A unified cashless payment technology that is connecting the banking industry, Healthcare, merchants and the government.
The future organizations and governments will have single technology for decision making and provision of service.
Resilient Cloud
ResilientCloud is cloud platform that is built with Africa users in mind, it can accommodate organization with a small or without IT budget and bigger enterprise with a bigger IT budget.
Big Data
Healthcare, Banking and Government faces multiple challenges, ranging from new disease outbreaks to maintaining an optimal operational efficiency and customer credit data.
Resilient open policy allow us to consult on behalf of our customers, the technology needed to be implemented in house. We pride ourselves on with experience and technical know-how used to help various companies in the region.
Digital and mobile technologies make it possible to reach new customers

digital payments platforms that connect all customers,merchants, banks, and other financial providers

  • Interoperable payments platforms that drive financial inclusion on a national scale.
  • low-cost transactions between individual users, merchants, banks, providers.
  • helping connect poor customers with everyone else in the digital economy.
  • Settle payments with minimal counter-party risk.
  • Brokering real-time messaging for funds clearing.
  • Agency Banking model available.
Cloud Based

Design for Cloud access and still available onsite  for Enterprise Customers.

Resilient Core SaaS platform is design with easy accessibility in mind. Midium Size organizations doesn’t need to invest in their own data center. We provide cloud based platform for you as you focus on your business and we focus on the technical work. 

Resilient Core Enterprise is available for Enterprise customers who wants to run the platform on their own data center or onsite.

About Resilient
Blockchain technology that meets Industry standards

Advanced technology & features
to manage your organization.

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A push payment model.

Funds transfer and same-day settlement.Our Platform is compatible with a push payment model and can enable settlement within seconds, depending on the limitations of the transacting parties.

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Open & interoperability Ready.

Our platform is intended to be an open standard that anyone can build on and integrate with other solutions, enabling innovation and interoperability without the usual boundaries or vendor lock-in.

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Risk-based Approach

A regulatory and/or business management approach that creates different levels of obligation based on the risk of the underlying transaction or customer.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard

Create an informative dashboards by selecting a wide variety of elements such as Chart, Table, Gauge, Progress, Indicator, Image,Text, Panel,Pivot etc. Just drag data into appropriate fields, set properties, values and run the dashboard.

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API Centric Platform

Shift to an API centric platform that creates highly-personalized, contextually-aware, predictive applications that meet the growing expectations of new Industries & clients.

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Smart Self-service Inbuilt

Self-service module that allows your customers to access services that normally would be requested in your branches can be now accessed through mobile app, Web portal or via USSD.Make it easy for customers to easily access various services on demand.

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